Responsible duties :

  • Handling recruitment and training new employees
  • Controlling employees (attendance, leave, contract, insurance, administration, etc)
  • Handling payroll (calculate salary, overtime, compesation and benefit)
  • General Affair (shuttle bus, catering, security, cleaning service)
  • Understand expatriate document, business trip and accomodation
  • Industrial Relationship (government, labor, suppliers, etc)

Requirements :

  • Age minimun under 35years old
  • Able to speak English (daily conversation)
  • Bachelor of psychology, law, management, etc
  • Having experience workingminimum 3 years as HRGA / PGA Supervisor in manufacturing
  • Good knowledge about UU 13, ISO Documentation, legal documentation
  • Willing to work in MM2100-Cibitung (PMA Japan) or KIIC–Karawang (New Company)

Please send your: Application letter, CV, and colored photo to :

[email protected]

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