• During best friend the Secretary of work-shift, time does not belong to you, but to the company. So, don’t waste it, it is not yours.
  • You are paid fair wages (accepted by you when you took the job) to perform your job well. So, don’t be content with just doing the minimum expected from you, put in a little bit of extra effort.
  • If your job procedure  (or that of your co-worker’s) may be improved, by all means, let it be known by means of a proper suggestion  to your foreman. Not only will the company benefit  from it, but you,too ; you will receive recognition, and often also cash or other awards.
  • If you find your work procedures that are unsafe,  report them immediately to your foreman. Remember that the majority of accidents may be avoided by proper prevention.
  • Leave of our personal worries and problems at home, so you will have a clear mind to dedicate to your job.   If your domestic and private troubles are too big, talk them over with your boss, he will try to help you to solve your problems.
  • Never criticize your boss, nor your co-workers. Don’t listen to rumours, never start them, nor transmit them to others.
  • If you made some mistake, admit it. This will create an honest and just image about your person.
  • If you have complaints about your salary and/or working conditions, talk it over with your boss. He will help to eliminate the cause of them.
  • Be loyal to your company. Put the company’s interests above your personal interests. After all, in last analysis, the company’s interests coinside with your own.
  • If you want success, recognition, promotion, salary increase, etc. work for it. Put in some extra efforts in your job, both in terms of the quality and quantity of your work. Sooner or later the rewards will arrive.

(Print and put on your desk as reminder…Good luck!)

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